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Got a query about air conditioning inspections? Take a look at our questions and answers below. You can also contact us for more information or to book your company inspection.

In 2003 the European Parliament published the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) requiring member states to bring in laws on energy consumption and use. As part of that, air-conditioning systems in homes, commercial and public buildings in England and Wales now have to be regularly inspected and performance-assessed in a bid to reduce carbon emissions and boost energy efficiency.

Only AC systems over 12kW need to have their energy efficiency assessed. Systems over 250kW must have had their first inspection by January 4 2009. Systems between 12 and 250 kilowatts must have had their first inspection by 4 January 2011.

After this first inspection, systems must be inspected every five years.

If your system was installed on or after January 1 2008, the first inspection must take place within five years of installation.

The inspection must be made by a trained and accredited energy assessor.

It includes an assessment of system efficiency, a review of the system sizing and suggestions on improvements, replacements or alternative solutions.

The information and records you keep about the air conditioning systems are also checked and a report is produced summarising performance and giving suggestions for potential improvements, along with estimated savings in costs and carbon emissions.

No, but your business could cut energy bills and save money if you do.
Local authorities enforce the requirements relating to air-conditioning inspection reports. Failure to commission, keep, or provide an air-conditioning inspection report when required by the Regulations means you may be issued with a penalty charge notice. The penalty for failing to having an air-conditioning inspection report is currently £300.
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